Work Permission for Abused Spouses of A, G, E-3 and H visa holders: The Details

As an immigration lawyer, I often hear heartbreaking stories of abuse. Abuse of immigrants, visitors, undocumented aliens and many more.  Sometimes there is a solution, but more often than not, there are no solutions.  Those who have never had a solution are spouses of non-immigrant visa holders. Until now! The Obama Administration has issued guidance[…]

Today’s Radio Show: New Rules- Work Authorization for Abused Spouses of Non-Immigrant Visa Holder

In today’s “Immigration with Tahmina”, we will discuss the new impending rules that will allow work authorization for spouses of certain non-immigrant visa holders which include spouses of H1b visa holders.  Readers and listeners may be aware that there are no options for such spouses to stay in the US if a marriage falls apart. […]