Entrepreneur Parole- Final Rule Released- Here are Details!

International Entrepreneurs Rule FINAL RULE – JANUARY 2017 A Simplified Summary by Tahmina Watson  USCIS announced proposed new rules on August 26, 2016 for international entrepreneurs. Comments were sought for a 45-day period.  On Friday January 13th, the final rules were released and will be officially published on Tuesday January 17th 2017.  The rule will[…]

Green Card for Startup Founders Just Became Easier! New Case Law- Matter of Dhansar!

Green Card for Startup Founders Just Became Easier!  New Case Law- Matter of Dhansar! Many of my regular readers will know that we have been anxiously awaiting guidance on a green card option known as National Interest Waiver (NIW). We had been waiting for over two years.  With just weeks left in the Obama administration, which[…]

Importance of Your Comments On The Proposed Entrepreneur Rules- Watch ‘Starting Up in America” documentary

Dear Readers, For all of you interested in the new proposed rules for entrepreneurs, please ensure you send your comments as soon as possible. Though the deadline is on Monday 10/17, don’t wait until the last minute! Submit your comments by tomorrow! For anyone wondering why we need an immigration option for entrepreneurs, here is[…]

International Entrepreneur Proposed Rules Comment Deadline 10/17- Get Your Comments In!

Dear Entrepreneur, venture capitalists, angel investors, accelerators and people who work with within the startup arena: On August 26th, 2016 the Department of Homeland Security announced new rules that would allow international entrepreneurs to enter the US in certain situations under ‘parole’, which means permission to be in the US.  This is part of President Obama’s immigration executive action and[…]

Tahmina in Geekwire

We are grateful to have been able to share our thoughts with Geekwire about the new international entrepreneur rules. Despite flaws, Obama’s ‘startup visa’ is a step in the right direction, entrepreneurs and immigration experts say by Monica Nickelsburg on September 29, 2016 at 10:10 am: Startup entrepreneur Henry Chen faces the same obstacles as[…]

Manan Mehta of Unshackled on Tahmina’s radio show talking immigrant entrepreneurship on 10/4/16!

We are incredibly thrilled and honored to have Manan Mehta of Unshackled on Tahmina’s radio show “Immigration With Tahmina”  on Desi 1250 am this Tuesday October 4th at 10am PST. With the new proposed rules for international entrepreneurs out, I am excited that Manan is taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to join us. Tune in to listen[…]

For Here or To Go? (Movie)- Goes to Congress!

September 2nd 2016 was a very special day.  It was the day that the movie For Here or To Go? had a special private screening at the Rayburn House Building- one of the Buildings where Congressmen have their offices. Fresh off the heels of the announcement of International Entrepreneur Rules, this movie screening was so[…]

Doug Rand from White House OSTP on Tahmina’s Radio Show to Talk Entrepreneur Rules!

I am incredibly honored to announce my next guest on my radio show- on Tuesday September 6th at 10am PST–  Doug Rand,  Assistant Director for Entrepreneurship, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. As you may be aware by now, on August 26th 2016, the Department of Homeland released new proposed rules for International Entrepreneurs to come[…]