For Here or To Go? (Movie)- Goes to Congress!

September 2nd 2016 was a very special day.  It was the day that the movie For Here or To Go? had a special private screening at the Rayburn House Building- one of the Buildings where Congressmen have their offices. Fresh off the heels of the announcement of International Entrepreneur Rules, this movie screening was so[…]

Tahmina’s Article On Startup Visa alternative in the Seattle Globalist

I am grateful to The Seattle Globalist for allowing me to be a columnist and sharing my thoughts. My regular readers will know how important this issue is to me! Making sense of the proposed Startup Visa alternative On Friday, the White House announced proposed new visa rules for international entrepreneurs. Having advocated for a[…]

Breaking: Obama’s Startup Visa Alternative- Entrepreneur Parole Announced

This morning on August 26, 2016, The White House announced proposed new rules for International Entrepreneurs.  The announcement was followed by a conference call from key White House personnel from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  The call discussed the rules and clarified some issues. Below is a summary as published by[…]

Listen to #VisaGate2015 Lawyer Robert Pauw Discuss The Case on Desi 1250am

Here is the recording live on Facebook and you can hear again on Friday at 12:30pm PST! Listen again this Friday at 12:30pm to @tahminawatson‘s talk w/ immigration lawyer Robert Pauw about #VisaGate2015! — Desi 1250AM (@Desi1250AM) July 26, 2016

#VisaGate2015 Atty Robert Pauw on Tahmina’s Radio Show July 26th 10am PST

I am excited and honored to announce my next guest Robert Pauw on Tuesday July 26th 2016 at 10am PST!  Robert Pauw (Bob to his friends!) is a renowned immigration attorney with national and international acclaim.  I am lucky to call him a friend and mentor. Robert is one of the lead attorneys litigating one of the[…]

Rashi Bhatnagar- “H4 Visa, A Curse” Founder/Advocate- on Tahmina’s Radio Show 5/31

We are so honored to announce that our next guest on May 31st at 10am PST on “Immigration with Tahmina” Desi 1250am radio will be the outstanding immigrant advocate Rashi Bhatnagar! Rashi founded the group “H4 Visa, A Curse” which was a grass root movement to bring about employment-authorization for H4 visa holders. After years of[…]

Visa Bulletin- Retrogression-Reason for advocacy

The June 2016 Visa bulletin was released this week and it doesn’t make for easy reading. There is significant retrogression in several preference categories but the one that is most significant for my clients and readers is EB2 India which retrogressed over 4 years. 2016 started with hope that, as part of President Obama’s executive[…]

A great story demonstrating why we need a Startup Visa

From Business Insider: Let’s say you are a super smart kid living overseas and you get accepted into an Ivy League school in the United States. You’re ready to move to the US to go to college and then you want to start your own US company. That’s the American Dream. Read the rest here:  

Record high H1bs received by USCIS again!

Another year, another lottery- that is how American businesses have to hire potential employees- a system that needs reform. On April 1st, the USCIS started to accept H1b visa applications for fiscal year 2017 (which commences October 1st 2016).  The window of acceptance closed on April 7th.  A record 236,200 applications were received for only[…]

‘Tis The Season of…. H1bs! Deadline April 1st 2016

I often refer to April 1st as the business immigration lawyers ‘tax day’.  Every year, the government has a cap of 65000 H1b visas for people with a Bachelor’s degree and an additional 20,000 reserved for those who have a Master’s or higher degree from a US university. The visa starts from October 1st each[…]