Executive Action Thursday 20th at 8pm ET!

The White House posted a video blog with President Obama stating he will be making immigration executive action announcments tomorrow Thursday 20th at 8pm Eastern Time. This will be the biggest announcement on immigration in decades. If immigration is important in your life, you must tune in. “So tomorrow night, President Obama will address the nation[…]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Must be Included in Immigration Executive Action

Not a day goes by in the US that an immigrant entrepreneur’s contributions are not making a deep  and lasting impact.  Watch the below video from the Partnership for a New American Economy to see how immigrant inventors’ inventions are used in your daily life.  At this unique juncture with imminent executive action announcements, where[…]

GOP Takes Senate: Will We Still See Executive Action?

Last night, the mid-term election results showed that the Republicans took majority control of the Senate. They have even more seats at the House too.  With a Republican controlled Congress, what will happen to immigration reform? To my readers and clients, if you are wondering about immigration reform, here are my thoughts: I don’t think[…]

Will we see Executive Action from Obama next week?

The political winds of immigration keep shifting. It is rather hard to keep track.  The question of the moment is this: will President Obama announce executive actions on immigration reform next week? A week or two ago, there were news reports that Obama will make announcements immediately after Labor Day weekend. But as the weekend[…]

Immigration Help for Military Families- Parole in Place

On Friday November 15 2013, the Obama administration released a new policy memo to help undocumented family members of military families.   While immigration reform reaches a firm roadblock, President Obama continues his efforts to help using administrative avenues. Called Parole in Place- the law already exists and is well utlized in certain circumstances.  The[…]

Forms are out for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals!

The USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas announced the forms that have been created for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival applicants! Tomorrow indeed will be a memorable day for many many people.  Here is a link to the forms. If you or anyone you know requires assistance, please call our office at 206-292-5237.