For Here or To Go? (Movie)- Goes to Congress!

September 2nd 2016 was a very special day.  It was the day that the movie For Here or To Go? had a special private screening at the Rayburn House Building- one of the Buildings where Congressmen have their offices. Fresh off the heels of the announcement of International Entrepreneur Rules, this movie screening was so[…]

Senate Candidate Margaret Stock on Tahmina’s Radio Show- July 5th at 10am PST on Desi1250am

I am so honored to announce that my guest on Tuesday July 5th 2016 will be renowned immigration attorney and Alaska Senate candidate Margaret Stock!  I am proud to call her a friend and mentor and am excited at the prospect of her being a strong voice for immigration reform in the Senate. I am honored she is taking time of[…]

Hillary Clinton: History in the making and a real chance for immigration reform

Tonight I had goosebumps knowing that I am watching history being made.  Hillary Clinton will be the first woman to be nominated by a major party in America. A historical moment for America, a historical moment for women and also much promise for immigration reform.  If you want to see immigration reform for the better of[…]

Hoping for Immigration Reform and supporting the next president of the US.

The journey to comprehensive immigration reform is a long one- one that requires consistent advocacy, perseverance and continuous engagement and awareness of this process known a democracy.  Immigration reform is only possible through Congress and since it has not happened in the last 8 years of President Obama’s presidency, we have to look towards the next president[…]

Visa Bulletin- Retrogression-Reason for advocacy

The June 2016 Visa bulletin was released this week and it doesn’t make for easy reading. There is significant retrogression in several preference categories but the one that is most significant for my clients and readers is EB2 India which retrogressed over 4 years. 2016 started with hope that, as part of President Obama’s executive[…]

Congressman Adam Smith to appear on Tahmina’s radio show on Desi 1250 am!

Today is a historic day in US immigration history. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on President Obama’s immigration executive actions that were announced in November 2014. On this historic day, I am honored and grateful to announce that our very own US Congressman Adam Smith (WA-9) will appear on my radio show “Immigration[…]

Record high H1bs received by USCIS again!

Another year, another lottery- that is how American businesses have to hire potential employees- a system that needs reform. On April 1st, the USCIS started to accept H1b visa applications for fiscal year 2017 (which commences October 1st 2016).  The window of acceptance closed on April 7th.  A record 236,200 applications were received for only[…]

Jorge Barón, Executive Director-NWIRP on Tahmina’s Show March 1st at 10am PST

We are incredibly honored to have Jorge Barón, Executive Director of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) on Tahmina’s radio show “Immigration With Tahmina” on Desi 1250 am this Tuesday March 1st at 10am PST.  NWIRP is a leading organization on immigration rights both in Washington State and in the nation. Northwest Immigrant Rights Project promotes[…]

Todd Schulte, on Tahmina’s Radio Show on 2/2

We are incredibly thrilled and honored to have the President of Todd Schulte on Tahmina’s radio show “Immigration With Tahmina”  on Desi 1250 am this Tuesday 2nd February at 10am. With the Iowa caucuses ending on Feb. 1st, it is extra special that Todd is taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to join us.[…]

Tahmina’s article urging citizenship in the Seattle Globalist!

Thank you to The Seattle Globalist for publishing my article. I have been wanting to urge people to apply for citizenship for a while. The Seattle Globalist gave me that voice.  Read the article below: Apply for citizenship! America needs your vote November Becoming a U.S. citizen in 2010 was a profound moment for me.[…]