Tahmina Talks Immigration with Mona Das, US Congressional Candidate- August 8th at 10am PST on Desi 1250am

I am delighted to announce that my guest this week will be Mona Das- US Congressional Candidate for Washington’s 8th Congressional District! We will be live on air on Desi1250am on Tuesday August 8th 2017 at 10am PST as well as live on Facebook!

Mona Das was born to Indian parents who brought her with them to America in 1972 with 6 dollars and a dream. Growing up traditionally Indian, Das is the only of her siblings who is not a doctor or an engineer – Mona chose to follow her own path. Her career path led her to helping 1st time homebuyers secure their piece of the American Dream through home ownership. As committed public servant, Mona is building on record of achievement that includes work on behalf of women’s and immigrants’ rights, investing in a sustainable economy, and ensuring access to quality education for every Washingtonian. In 2012, Mona graduated from Seattle based Pinchot University, with an MBA in Sustainable Business.

She is a very accomplished business woman – please visit here to learn more about her and her accomplishments!

Mona will be on my talk show “Tahmina Talks Immigration” at 10am PST on Tuesday August 8th on Desi 1250am.  If you have questions, you are welcome to email me in advance at info@watsonimmigrationlaw.com

A huge thank you to Mona Das for taking time out of her busy schedule for joining me to talk Immigration!