Economist Dr. Meenakshi Rishi on Tahmina Talks Immigration Radio Show on Tuesday 4/25 @10am PST

I am thrilled to announce that my guest this week will be the Dr. Meenakshi Rishi!  She will appear on Tuesday April 25th at 10am PST.  Nearly 1500 economists wrote to the White House recently about how immigration strengthens the American economy. Dr. Rishi will talk about immigration and the economy.

Dr. Meenakshi Rishi is a Professor of Economics at Seattle University.  She is the Director of the International Development Internship Program at SU.   She has taught previously at the College of Business Administration, Ohio Northern University.  She earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Economics at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Dr. Rishi is a member of the American Economic Association and the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession.  She is also the Executive Director, Association of Indian Economic and Financial Studies and is on the Research Council of the Indian Institute of Finance. 

Dr. Rishi’s research focuses on economic development challenges faced by emerging economies, such as capital flight, sustainable economic development, and the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth. She has published 37 journal articles in journals such as the Journal of Development Studies and IMF Survey that are highly regarded in her field.  She has also authored numerous conference presentations and proceedings. 

Dr. Rishi is active in local theatre and an eager volunteer for various events organized by Seattle’s South Asian community. She has performed in: Dance Like a Man (ACT Theatre, 2015); Kingdom of Cards (Meydenbauer Center, 2012), and Mother in Another Language (ACT theatre, 2010).  She has also been part of the vision group for Seattle’s Yoni Ki Baat (The South Asian adaptation of the Vagina Monologues) and has participated in the show (2009, 2010) as well as directed it in 2013. She has also collaborated on several events organized by the Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas at the Seattle Asian Art Museum    

Dr. Rishi will be on my radio talk show “Tahmina Talks Immigration” at 10am PST on Tuesday April 25th at Desi 1250am. You can tune into your radio in the greater Seattle area at 1250 AM or listen online at  You can download the Desi 1250am app from the app store. If you have questions, you are welcome to email me in advance at

A huge thank you to Dr. Rishi for taking time out of her busy schedule to join me on my radio show “Tahmina Talks Immigration” on Desi 1250am!