Breaking: Quick Summary of New Travel Ban Executive Order

A few moments ago today, a new travel ban order was signed. I have read the fact sheet and will be writing more with commentary- stay tuned. For now, here is a quick summary of what the EO contains:

New Travel Ban issued on March 6 which will go into effect on March 16, 2017

  • Travel ban for 90 days.

Countries it applies to:

1.       Sudan

2.       Syria

3.       Iran

4.       Libya

5.       Somalia

6.       Yemen

·         Iraq is taken off this list through negotiation.

People affected from these countries:

1.       Who not have a current valid visa as of March 16 2017

2.       Did not have a visa as of 5pm EST on Jan 27 2017


1.       First 20 days- country- by country review

2.       Countries will be given 50 days to deal with request from US

 NOT affected and can still travel into the US:

1.       LPR

2.       FN admitted after March 16 2017

3.       People with valid visa documents dated March 16 or thereafter that allow travel to US (my comments to follow soon on this!)

4.       Dual nationals of these countries but traveling with non-designated country passport

5.       Diplomatic personnel

6.       NATO

7.       C-2 for travel to UN

8.       G-1 to G4

9.       People who have been granted asylum or refugee status before March 16 2017

·         Can still issue case-by -case basis visas.


1.       Complete ban for 120 days

2.       No more than 50k refugees for 2017

3.       Not apply to refugees who have scheduled transit

  • Will expedite biometric entry-exit system for people entering and departing US
  • Will review reciprocity with other countries.  
  • Restrict visa interview waiver program.

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