Immigration #ExecutiveAction: Will It Help My Family-based Preference Case?

Image courtesy of internet

Image courtesy of internet

Since the announcement of immigration executive action broke, the question that I have seen most is this “will immigration reform help my family based pending petition (F1, F2, F3 and F4)?”.  Thank you for asking all your questions.

Unfortunately, immigration executive action does not affect any family-based petitions at this time.   If unused visas were to have been recaptured, then the current backlog would have been eliminated or reduced which in turn would have helped family-based cases too.

President Obama can only do so much on his own. Congress still needs to take action. If you want to see change in your immigration circumstances, you need to continue to push for immigration reform.  I am sorry I cannot give you better news.

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  • Thank you for your clarification.I had a question.In president’s immigration reform it is said like :
    Modernize Immigrant Visa System: The following changes are been planned:
    (a) USCIS should continue and enhance its work with the Department of State to ensure that all immigrant visas authorized by Congress are issued to eligible individuals when there is sufficient demand for such visas.
    (b) USCIS would work with the Department of State to improve the system for determining when immigrant visas are available to applicants during the fiscal year. The Department of State has agreed to modify its visa bulletin system to more simply and reliably make such determinations.
    (c) USCIS would carefully consider other regulatory or policy changes to better assist and provide stability to the beneficiaries of approved employment-based immigrant visa petitions. Specifically, USCIS should consider amending its regulations to ensure that approved, long-standing visa petitions remain valid in certain cases where they seek to change jobs or employers.

    Does it make any change to F2A category?

  • Hi Sanooj, that is an excellent question. As you can see, the memo does not specify details. The USCIS is now working on the details and we hope that in Spring we will get further guidance. In general, it is hoped that the visa counting system will be better from the above memo. But will it reduce the waiting time for any- we have to see. I am making inquiries but it will take a little time to get clarification. I will be sure to update everyone when I know. Thanks again for the question.

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